Scottish International Storytelling Festival – Edinburgh


21st – 30th October 2011


Storytelling – the oldest of the human arts, most likely began around a nighttime fire while the community worried about predators, both real and imaginary, with the storyteller strengthening everyone’s hearts and spirits. Even today nothing honors the story and the storyteller more than a live performance. Visitors to Edinburgh can enjoy this experience during the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, an annual event which draws thousands of attendees and hundreds of skilled storytellers from across the globe.

The event is held at the Edinburgh Storytelling Centre which includes the historic John Knox House and is complete with a theatre, gift shop and café. Guests at the Festival will enjoy ancient and contemporary storytellers from foreign climes such as China, Malaysia, and Thailand as well as from the ranks of professional storytellers in Scotland.

In addition to listening to stories, guests can participate in workshops, talks, and “Meet the Storyteller” sessions. Activities for younger members of the family are also included. The Scottish International Storytelling Festival preserves the oral tradition of the storyteller and is a unique experience which will be treasured by all who attend.

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