Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht Britania Edinburgh - Photo Credit - Paul Robertson - C.C. License

The Royal Yacht Britannia was launched from Clydebank in 1953 and commissioned for service to the Royal Family in 1954. Before being taken out of service in 1997, this luxury ship completed 968 official voyages, covering more than one million nautical miles. After serving Queen and country for 43 years and 334 days, this famous vessel is now moored in Edinburgh and is a five-star visitor attraction and popular corporate event venue.

Visitors to Edinburgh will not want to miss this intriguing attraction, which is located just two miles from the city centre in the historic port of Leith. With a Visitor Centre, self-guided audio tour, gift shop and the Royal Deck Tea Room, the Royal Yacht Britannia is an ideal stop for families, couples, business travelers and groups of friends visiting the city.

The self-guided audio tour covers five decks and includes the Royal Apartments, State Dining Room, State Drawing Room, Royal Bedrooms, Sick Bay and Operating Theatre, Engine Room, Bridge, Sun Lounge and Royal Marines’ Barracks. Additionally, as visitors tour the decks of the Royal Yacht Britannia, they will be surrounded by nearly all of the original furniture, paintings, photographs and artifacts that were on the ship during her royal service.

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