Edinburgh Zoo

No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without spending some time at the world-renowned Edinburgh Zoo where tourists can marvel over more than 1,000 different species of wildlife and birdlife.

Although just walking through the zoo with its hundreds of rare and endangered animals (it boasts the United Kingdom’s only koala bears) will amaze and delight any visitor, must-see attractions include the Penguin Parade featuring the gregarious gentoo and the regal king penguins as well as the free Hilltop Safari rides, which provide an information-filled introduction to the entire facility. The Lion Enclosure with its Asian lions is another family favourite, as is the intriguing Magic Forest, which offers tantalising glimpses of such wonderful creatures as golden-headed lion tamarins and eastern pygmy marmosets.

Further first-class attractions include the Budongo Trail, which introduces visitors to the zoo’s chimpanzees, and the Living Links exhibition, which treats tourists to up-close-and-personal visits with a fascinating family of Capuchin monkeys. For ornothologically inclined visitors, the Rainbow Landings lorikeet experience is a must, as are the Animal Antics shows, which feature the daredevil escapades of turkey vultures and tawny owls.

A visit to the Edinburgh Zoo is simply a must for the whole family.

How to get there

134 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh
Served by Edinburgh’s Hop-on Hop-off Tour Bus


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