Edinburgh International Festival


12th August – 14th September 2011


Edinburgh has played host to the Edinburgh International Festival since its beginning in 1947. The festival has provided venues for the performing arts groups and individuals to perform. Best-in-class performers from around the world are sent invitations by the Festival Director and are asked to be a part of this amazing event. The festival also plays host to many visual art exhibitions, workshops and artist talks.

Due to the continuing growth of the Edinburgh International Festival over the years, the festival found a permanent home in The Hub, a gothic architectural marvel situated near Edinburgh Castle, in 1999. This growth and the necessity for a permanent venue is not surprising when you consider the level of talent of the performers, speakers, musicians and artists who respond to the festival director’s invitation. Such performers as the T’ang Quartet, The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, Malcomlm Martineau and the Scottish Ballet provide hours of spectacular entertainment for attendees of all ages.

Many other festivals also complement the Edinburgh International Festival. Some of the festivals are, the Edinburgh Fringe, which features art, the International Film Festival, which focuses on film, the International Book Festival, which highlights books, literature and writers and the Jazz and Blues Festival. The Edinburgh International Festival is truly an event that has something for everyone.

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