Edinburgh Festival Fringe

5th – 29th August 2011


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, also known simply as The Fringe, is an iconic annual festival that is central to Edinburgh culture. Although the festival was not given a name until 1948, The Fringe first took place in 1947, when several local theatre groups did not receive invitations to participate in the Edinburgh International Festival. To this day, it continues to take place alongside the International Festival and several other Edinburgh events each August.

In 1959, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe became a bit more formal when the Festival Fringe Society was formed to provide organisation and management. However, it is important to note that much of the point of this festival is that it is entirely unjuried, which means no performer, artist or performance troupe is turned away. This unique approach to providing a stage for performers of any ilk and any level of ability has paved the way for many now-famous performers to get their start.

This unique Edinburgh festival has long since outgrown the other annual festivals taking place in Edinburgh at this time and is the largest art festival of this sort around the world. Visitors can expect to see all manner of art and performance, including theatre, comedy, art exhibits, dance performances and musical acts.

The list of well-known names that have graced The Fringe’s programme over the years includes: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ricky Gervais, Emma Thomson, Jude Law, Christian Slater, Hugh Grant, Robin Williams and Susan Sarandon.

Visit the Official Edinburgh Fringe Festival website for further information

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