Eating Out in Edinburgh

When heading to Edinburgh, be sure to sample the food this capital city has to offer. Scotland is well known for certain food and drinks and, for the adventurous eater, sampling the famous haggis dish is a must. While some may balk at what haggis is made of – sheep’s heart, liver and lungs (known as the ‘pluck’) minced with beef suet and oatmeal in a sheep’s stomach, which is sewn closed and boiled for up to three hours – the dish is said to have a deliciously rich flavor. Other traditional Scottish foods include Stovies, a potato-based dish with meat and other vegetables, and Hotch-Potch, made with meat (traditionally boiled mutton) and a mixture of vegetables left up to the cook’s discretion, usually including some combination of carrots, garden peas and cabbage.

In regards to particular restaurants, Edinburgh offers a number of excellent eateries serving a wide variety of foods. Pick the sort of food you enjoy eating, and prepare to have a wonderful dining experience at any of these restaurants:

Number One

Located in the Balmoral Hotel, is a restaurant where the name tells a lot about its service and food. Number One advertises itself as being one of Scotland’s best restaurants. If you are interested in a formal dining experience, this is the place to come. While Number One is not stuffy in its formality, its atmosphere and menu certainly carry a good deal of elegance and poise. If you like fish, try their signature dish: wild salmon with braised kohlrabi, sautéed comfrey, morels and herb gnocchi. Visit Site

The Living Room

If a bar and restaurant is more to your liking, be sure to try The Living Room. The colonial-inspired décor offers large brown leather armchairs, drapes, potted plants and a lot of wood. The interior is shown off nicely with warm, ambient lighting. The idea here is to mix comfort and style, which shows not only in the furniture, but in the menu as well. Enjoy their signature dish of fillet pork wrapped in cured ham and smoked ham hock with sweet and sour pork cheek along with a glass of wine from their international list. Sit back, relax and enjoy the meal while a jazz pianist plucks out a lively tune on the baby grand piano. Visit Site

The Spice Pavilion

Edinburgh is also home to international restaurants. If Indian cuisine is to your liking, be sure to try The Spice Pavilion. The decor is modern and inspired by the rich colors of colonial India. This restaurant particularly attracts art lovers and is also a great place to go for a romantic dinner. The menu focuses on Indian herbs and spices to enrich the food with fresh flavors. Enjoy the signature dish of Kali mirch bhona (tender pieces of lamb cooked in a spicy sauce with black peppercorns) with a wine from Australia or Italy that compliments the food with perfection. Visit Site

Last but not least, if you are a whiskey drinker, don’t forget to stop in one the city’s many pubs to enjoy a glass of Scotch before you leave Edinburgh!