10 Fun Things to do in Edinburgh

Being one of the most visited citys in the world, there are so many fun things to do in Edinburgh. It’s hard to narrow down to a list of 10, but hopefully this will give you a taste of what Edinburgh has to offer.

1. Head to one of Edinburgh’s many museums

Edinburgh is home to some of the world’s best museums where you can discover a wealth of artefacts and exhibitions. The National Museum of Scotland makes a great full or half-day excursion into antiquity with popular exhibits to include the Lewis Chessman exhibit, a 30 piece walrus ivory chess set dating to the 12th Century, proving to be one of the most significant archaeological finds of its kind.

From the instant you arrive at Our Dynamic Earth, which consists of a steel tent-like membrane stretched over a steel base structure; it is clear that you are in for an unforgettable technological journey. Our Dynamic Earth explains the history of the earth using interactive displays that allow visitors to explore the scientific forces that shaped and transformed the planet.

Older visitors might enjoy a dram of your favorite Scotch Whiskey at the Scotch Whiskey Experience. The museum celebrates Scotland’s national drink with an interactive guided tour which involves you in the whiskey making process. Children are also catered for and can follow their own special guide, “Peat the Cat”, to discover a range of age-appropriate fun facts about the process. A soft drink is provided for the kids.

2. Climb Arthur’s Seat

Perched right in the middle of Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat is the highest hill in an ancient formation of volcanic rock that graces the city’s skyline. The walk to the top is easy and the reward is worth every step, affording the visitor spectacular views of central Edinburgh and of the basalt cliffs that lie between. More info…

3. Shop in Jenners department store

Jenners department store, the oldest department store in Edinburgh, has been in business since 1838. Not only does the stunning architecture make this department store excursion an entirely different experience, Jenners also has over 100 stores selling a dazzling variety of products. More info…

4. Go on a tour of Edinburgh Castle

Visitors come from around the world to explore Edinburgh Castle, propelling it to the status of one of Scotland’s most visited tourist attractions and probably one of the top things to do in Edinburgh. Parts of the castle itself date from 1130 A.D. while the Castle Rock site shows signs of ancient human settlements dating from around 900 B.C. More info…

5. Take a walk around the Old Town

Edinburgh’s mediaval old town is characterized by way of its convoluted, narrow cobbled streets (commonly known as Closes), small courtyards and medieval houses. It is dominated by Edinburgh Castle, which is perched high upon the volcanic cone shaped Castle Hill. From here lie breathtaking views of the Royal Mile to the east, the New Town to the North and south to the spectacular Pentland Hills range. More info…

6. Dine at a Michelen Star Restaurant

Treat yourself to some fine dining and enjoy a meal at one of Edinburgh’s Michelen Star restaurants. Edinburgh Restaurants currently included in the Michelen guide include Number One (at the Balmoral Hotel), 21212, The Kitchin, Martin Wishart and Plumed Horse

7. Visit Edinburgh Zoo

Home to more than 1,000 different species of wildlife and birdlife, Edinburgh Zoo is one of Scotland’s most visited tourist attractions. Must-see attractions include the Penguin Parade featuring the gregarious gentoo and the regal king penguins as well as the free Hilltop Safari rides, which provide an information-filled introduction to the entire facility. More info…

8. Make some faces at Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions stands out as one of the oldest tourist attractions in Edinburgh. Have some fun with optical illusions which are larger than life! More info….

9. Visit the Edinburgh Royal Botanical Garden

The garden areas are comprised of rolling streams and cascading waterfalls set amidst artistically superb natural rock formations cutting and winding through the lush green acres. Highlights include an exploration of the Glass Houses, used for research since 1976 for cultivation of rare flora indigenous to warm weather and tropical climates. More info…

10. Enjoy a festival or two

There are numerous fun festivals taking place throughout the year in Edinburgh. Most of these take place over the summer months, with the Edinburgh International Film Festival kicking off in June. Edinburgh Hogmanay Festival rings in the Scottish New Year with a party spanning four days from December 30 through January 2. See a full list of Edinburgh Festivals here…

Do you agree with this list of things to do in Edinburgh? Please leave a comment below if you would like to add any more things to do in Edinburgh.

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